Airbrush Makeup System

Airbrush Makeup System

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Max pressure:30psi
Step-less air pressure adjustment Airbrush: Single Action with 2 CC cup 
This is a multi-functional mini compressor for makeup, tanning, cake decoration, tattoo, nail, model painting etc.
Within the mini airbrush compressor, we designed thermal protection and overload protection. This is cool and quiet mini compressor, no need to cool down 24 hours running. Inside, there is a circuit to provide overload and thermal protection. Thick glassly ABS shell, teflon piston, working with both 6*3 silicone hose and 1/8" braided hose, stable performance in long tern, low nose, cool and only slight viberation makes it heavy duty and exceeding all other competitors.
In addition, we designed an autostop system with led light indication to fully protect your motor from damage and also tell you what's the problem. Following is the detailed indicating system:
Situation 1: Motor running and led light stable green; mini compressor works in good condition
Situation 2: Motor suddenly stops and led light blink once and one again continually; overheat, cool down the mini compressor and restart
Situation 3: Motor Suddenly stops and led light blink twice and twice again continually; overload (current bigger than 2A over 3 seconds), release the air and restart
Situation 4: Motor suddenly stops and led light blink triple and triple continually; overload/short circuit (current suddenly over 3A), check out, release the air and restart
Its air output is 6 litre/minute, quite enough for one airbrush. Size is 110*90*55mm, mini compressor net weight 0.5KG, very portable.


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