Co-Enzyme Q10 Collagen Mask

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  • Martinni Beauty
  • Skin-Saving Intervention Helps Fight Aging Where It Starts, Skin Regenerates, Firms, And Tones Miraculously./3.17 Oz (90g)
  • Aqua, Sodium Alginate, Vegetable Glycerin, MarineCollagen, Sodium PCA, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract


Anti-Gravity age reversing treatment contains peptides,growth factors,and the most powerful antioxidant Co-enzyme Q10. They provide a powerful barrier against harmful, aggressive environmental factors that help to intercept and deter aging. Repairs, rebuilds, and rehabilitates at every stage and every age. Skin-saving intervention helps fight aging where it starts, skin regenerates, firms, and tones miraculously.


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