Arooq Al Oud

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Arooq Al Oud (Aruk Al Oud) Al-Rehab fragrance for men and women, belongs to the group oforiental .

The fragrance composition includes notes: the tree Agar, rose, Amber and Sandalwood.

Suitable for use in winter, when the spirits have a tempting, enveloping sound that lasts longer in the frost. The fragrance blends well with the warm evening atmosphere, and is suitable for various celebrations and events. Spirits Al-Rehab Arooq Al Oud go calm and balanced nature, they unobtrusively raise the mood and fill the atmosphere with warmth, trembling and sexuality. Wood notes of agar and sandalwood fill the aroma with a touch of tartness, elegance and majesty. Give him peace, austerity and nobility. The notes of the rose in the composition give tenderness and romance, and amber notes fill with greatness and warmth. 

For true connoisseurs of udovyh aromas.

Bottle capacity: 60 ml



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